marți, iunie 03, 2014

I am my own remote

             sketch by Iulia Pana 

To the left, I leave things
I want to think about in the morning
To the right, I gather things
difficult to discern at night
If you enter the world divided in two
It is too obscure to feel anything
I am a useless person
and I assign myself work for full days
one day I’m the boss, another the employee
paying attention to the chief’s lint
these are wonderful days
when I forget this mental hospital game
giving myself reasons for self-flagellation,
for salvation on the steps of a convent
days like pictures from advertising flyers
I remain mute, deaf and crippled
crawling inside me to prove to myself who I am,
leaving things on the left,
though I fear the left
as I fear the right
and the signposts I have encountered
that never led me anywhere
if you couldn’t understand, I’d believe you
but you know who I am
little by little you change me every day
I am my own remote
so click me here!
I am discoverable
one part on the left
the rest on the right
a ball like a polished cerebrum.

translated by Adrian G Sahlean

ebony bones- amazon